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Our Story

Our mission is to make our customers feel good.

Our Founders, Rhett Butler and Rob Hisel share an unfortunate past: they both have lost close friends to suicide. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States with nearly 46,000 deaths in 2020. While they both believe suicide prevention begins from the inside out, Rhett and Robb are supporting this movement from the outside in with William & Harry’s clothing and accessories. Hence our slogan; our mission is to make customers feel good.

This feeling is channeled into the style of William & Harry’s clothing; with each piece offering the finest materials, innovative fabrics, and quality craftsmanship to make wearers feel confident, comfortable, and stylish.


Our Home

Along with partners, Scott, Wendy, and Braun, Rhett and Rob desired a legitimate golf destination that felt like home. On a visit to Williamsburg, Virginia, they were sold. Not only did this city have what seemed like endless beautiful golf courses, but it also possessed a rich history, decadent past, impeccable views, an atmosphere that uplifted the human spirit, and the warmth of community – a true blessing for residents and visitors alike. This was the perfect place to plant the first location for William and Harry and begin our mission of making customers feel good. Our aim with our store, is to enhance the lifestyle of men and women that prefer our clothing, statement pieces and accessories. Every piece is crafted to reflect our message of celebrating life.


Visit Our Store:  

Merchant’s Square: 103 N Boundary St Suite A, Williamsburg, VA 23185, United States


Join Us In The Fight to Prevent Suicide

Donate to the cause here via the 988 suicide awareness website: